Training curriculum

Training curriculum (coordinated by Croatia)

Construction of a training course dedicated for professionals who want to use the protocol of assessment and the tools created on the issue of CVI

The aim of the project wants to organize and to standardize some tools for a better support of children with cerebral visual impairment. Our knowledge and the exchanges we can have together show that some tools exist, locally, without standardization and just for local needs.

The development of tools at EU level will be necessary important for other organizations, not involved in our partnership, but that will have the knowledge by communication and dissemination of our outcomes.

The experience shows that professionals don’t use correctly the outcomes realized for a specific topic, when they did not have been implemented in the elaboration.

The training course will be a simple one to explain and to train professionals interested by the concrete use of the outcomes (questionnaire, individual passport…). An online training course will be developed to favor the autonomy of professionals in their self-training, by study cases and a good comprehension of the process.

A training course could be developed also (1 day) within ENVITER networks for all the professionals interested (27 organizations from 15 countries).

This course will be set up for all professionals involved in the process of evaluation of children.

This training course will detailed the used means (pedagogical means), the duration of the course (probably 1 day will be enough) and the access means for the online training.

Nature of the outcome:

  • A 1 day training (face to face), obligatory to become user of the created outcomes – This is a procedure to guarantee the quality of the use of these tools.
  • In parallel, an online training course (web address) for the self-training could be used by professionals trained (during the 1 day face to face), to facilitate the use of the tools and to experiment.


CVI_Training course