Individual passport

Individual Passport (coordinated by Visio NL)

The structure of a tool, simple and practical, which can give information and advices (impact of disorders, needs, adaptation, etc.) for people who have no specific knowledge concerning the child (teachers, social workers, etc.)

The aim of this outcome is to allow the comprehension of the disorders of these children by the surrounding (family, teachers…), to enable the implementation of right means to favor the expression, the well-being and in the respect of the individual needs of the child. This passport will aim to explain clearly and simply how it functions for this child, what is difficult or impossible, what is necessary to favor or to avoid, how is possible to get around the problems or to adapt the requests made to the child. All these instructions/recommendations have to be written on an accessible and individual document (individual passport) which can be transferred to all people in relation with the child. In enabling a better comprehension and consideration of the disorders, this individual passport aims finally to favor the inclusion of the child in his/her environment.

The partnership will have to build the structure of this individual passport, to take into account all the important aspects to retain in this individual passport.

Methodology :

  • Elaboration of the individual passport
  • Submission to all partners for validation, testing close to users, families and environment.
  • modifications according to feedbacks
  • final validation


CVI_Individual passport – methodology & passport