Handbook (coordinated by University of Valladolid)

A guide tool with standardized tests to ensure the whole process of the evaluation

A methodology guide to enable the use of the assessment protocol and the tools created during the project: elaboration of the structure to give all the information and the tools created, and especially used during the training close to professionals. The aim is to elaborate like a “white book” giving all the information about the protocol and the tools created to professionals who want to have more knowledge about the support of children with neurovisual disorders.

In collaboration with the other partners, The University will put in place this guide tool for the use of the assessment protocol and tools created, with the aim to be disseminated at the end of the project.

Production of a manual of administration, and interpretation of the assessment protocol:

  • Theoretical Introduction introducing the issue and describing what is evaluated, with a definition of the rules for using (who is in capacity of submitting the assessment tools, etc.), description of the population of children concerned.
  • The principles of the tools: standardized procedures of administration, duration, material conditions, etc.
  • Description of the test
  • Standards of the protocol
  • Manual of interpretation of the test